“(POOR)ENZA” Crime Fiction Novel

A riveting new novel brought upon by Best Drug Crime Author Isadore Johnson depicting a chilling tale of a twenty-one year old Caucasian male named Vincent Tolbertson who is arrested & booked on multiple counts of robbery and murder in Mid-town Manhattan, after a five-hour stand off with
S.W.A.T. and a team of seasoned negotiators.
With the news media in a frenzy, they desperately try to get answers as to why this innocent-looking blond hair, blue eyed young adult could be responsible for such heinous crimes?
Their thirst for answers is heightened at Vincent’s arraignment in superior court after he pleads not guilty on all charges and prepares for trial.
Vincent’s defense attorney Auturo D’Italia later stuns the prosecutor with a pre-trial motion outlining that his client can not be guilty or held accountable for the alleged crimes charged due to “(POOR)enza,” which is a condition he claims Vincent suffers from as a result of growing up poor white trash in one of Brooklyn’s most violent ghettos. Using the highly-precendent case law of a recent case involving another young Caucasian male who had been found “not guilty” of four counts of vehicular homicide after killing four people in a horrific car crash while under the heavy influence of alcohol who presented the opposite
defense of “Affluenenza”, claiming he couldn’t be held legally responsible due to his affluent upbringing…Attorney D’Italia states:
  “There are two sides to every coin.”

* This is a must read novel that geniusly highlights the current bias/double standard that exists within the legal system based purely on economic & social stature…
Author Isadore Johnson has cleverly done it again!!!!



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