The Value Of Instagram Top Posts

is presently taking INSTAGRAM by storm, landing “Top posts” positions amongst the A list of magazines considered royalty.
   Of the only 9 slots available to be considered Top Posts, CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE consecutively ranks the hashtags of NEW YORK TIMES, PEOPLE, TIME, FORTUNE, etc. on a daily basis as if possessing some sort of V.I.P. reservation.
   So what does all this mean? The actual value of becoming a top post on INSTAGRAM? Some
S.E.O. pros may argue that this phenomenon is the result of savvy marketing skills appeasing the algorithms of this particular social media giant. Others believe its just due to particular equations of likes & frequency of posting done by users. Both rationales logically may possess a bit of truth, added with the fact that hard consistent work does pay off and leads to trending-which leads to popularity-which equates to demand.
   Whatever the underlining cause for this effect, to rank Top Posts can only be a plus, as well as a picture perfect approach to a viable and valid marketing campaign.

A Leader In Independent Publishing

…The New Era of Self Publishing Has Spawned!!!!






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