CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE – 2016 Independent Publisher Rivaling The Mainstream

In the top quarter of 2016, it’s clear that the once-monopoized world of Book Publishing is currently experiencing significant change in one of its sectors; The Independent Sector.
   Just a mere few years back, Major Publishers dominated the book business with ease as Independents struggled financially & structurally just to get it right, let alone get a foot in the actual door to compete. Now, having the ability to perform all the full-fledged services/responsibilities of a Major Publisher on a smaller but equally-efficient scale, the current playing field in this new year has rendered balance….The time for the “Little Guy” to shine, has finally come around.
   Leading amongst the hungry pack of Indies in particular in the genre of Crime Fiction, is CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE. This entity, a custom-built publishing house that specializes in Crime Fiction Anthologies, with its very own integrated online bookstore that handles 99% of its marketing & distribution internally.           
   Unanimously ranked #1 by GOOGLE, BING & YAHOO and possessing a royal Klout score of 47, the visual presence of the CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE sits amongst the top 30% of all users on social media. Growing by the day with a current following of tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…not to mention, over 1.2 million views on GOOGLE + .
   So what does all this mean in terms of publishing? …It means success and big money can now be made without incurring drastic overhead costs/debt. It also means distribution options are no longer few nor dictated by major distribution chains. It means that when you search online for a publisher or for your favorite anthology drug crime fiction novel, dont be surprised to see the likes of Simon and Schuster, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc. being outranked by the pop up search result of an Independent!!!

…The New Era Of Self-Publishing Has Spawned!!!






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