A Drug Crime Novel Series – That Every Adult (Young & Old) Should Read!!!


A Leader In Independent Publishing – Ranked # 1 Unanimously By GOOGLE, BING &YAHOO!!!!

First There Was SCARFACE
Then We Made It Thru TRAFFIC
To Get To BLOW…
Now DRUG DEALER It’s The Movie You Must Read !!!

   People, stemming from young adults to old and from all walks of life, are talking in volumes about a drug crime novel series called “DRUG DEALER“. They are rating it as “Superb” “Official” “Authentic”, as if crazed over a highly-anticipated movie having finally been premiered. 
With the recent release of part #3,
Author Isadore Johnson has undeniably proved once again to the world of avid readers that when it comes to novels entailing intricate drug crime, sizzling sex, and the conspiratorial divide of loyalty & betrayal – his pen game consecutively delivers what’s expected of Crime Fiction’s elite pedigree.


   Coming out the gate with both DRUG DEALER parts 1&2 at the same time, packaged in a sleek hard slipcase, this talented writer from East Orange,  NJ made his unique mark in the independent bookgame. He did this at a time when the likes of heavy Urban hitters such as Terri Woods, Sistah Souljah, Omar Tyree were highlighting the industry. Author Isadore Johnson was the new “lil guy” on the block fusing Crime/Urban Fiction, but as an independent. He took the streets and bookstores by storm. By the end of the first year of sales, this prolific author was wheeling an all-black Mercedes AMG-5 Series and residing in a 5 bedroom home.
   Already written while serving almost a decade of his adult youth in Federal Prison for 841 & 922g, author Isadore Johnson also introduced to the free world, another gritty drug crime novel series entitled, “WRONGFULLY MINE” parts 1&2. He released this series in the second year of DRUG DEALER, and the reader response was extraordinary. Sales soared and this author’s popularity as a die-hard urban crime fiction author was slated. He was asked to collaborate on the MENACE II SOCIETY novel project. He accepted  Next, came the HOOD ESTATE novel project by Real-Estate Mogul, Leonard Person. He again accepted. In the book world, author Isadore Johnson was adorned with celebrity-like status.
    After a short hiatus to return back to college for a degree in Business/Digital Marketing, author Isadore Johnson has re-emerged to the book scene. This time, by introducing to the world, CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE.


A one of a kind publishing company integrated with its own internal marketing department and online/direct distribution channels. Since its creation less than two years ago, CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE holds an unanimous #1 ranking with GOOGLE, BING & YAHOO – as well in over two-dozen other top categories such as, Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet , respectfully. The company’s current Klout Score ranking is 66, placing its online influence amongst the top 10% of social media users.



Functioning technically as an independent but on a level that rivals book sources like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles only demonstates that in fact A New Era Of Self-Publishing Has Spawned….

Visit The Crime Anthology Bookstore @drugdealerthenovel.com


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