2017 Most Anticipated Drug Crime Novel!!! “DRUG DEALER” Part#4

The book every die-hard reader of Crime/Urban Fiction has been impatiently waiting for is here!!! 

Sub-titled “Anarchy”, DRUG DEALER” Part #4, is a gritty continuation of Part#3 “America’s Dope War” – which left Author Isadore Johnson’s audience mentally suspended in detail by what many of them call the most controversial drug conspiracy between the Streets, Government & Corporate America ever written. The extremely visual, movie-like storyline contained within is surely to add to the scorching-hot buzz that “DRUG DEALER” The Series has so far caused overall. Holding incredible top GOOGLE rankings for categories such as, Best Drug Novel Series & Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet, this new book has once again defended the title on behalf of its predecessors (Parts #1,2,3).

So prepare yourself readers to resume your mental high with this action-packed new release from CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE

“DRUG DEALER” It’s The Movie You Must Read!

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