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…From the moment that fifteen-year old “Ty” (Tyrell Nobles) first ventured out into the streets and started hustling, his life was forever changed from that of the average ghetto youth into one of a seemingly complicated adult. He had placed himself in a direct position to be exposed to all the dangerous violence, influences and negative temptations that the cold drug world had to offer. His choices on a personal and political level would ultimately come to determine the outcome of the freedom, safety and aspirations of his family as well as the people living within the ghettos. -That is, having risen in power and considered to be one of the most controversial and influential “Drug Dealers” in the U.S.. You will learn how staying alive while trying to restructure the game itself to benefit those most harmed by it had become his priority….
 “DRUG DEALER” It’s The Movie You Must Read!!!
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Best Crime Author Of 2017

   With fierce competition and stakes so high to rank amongst the elites of Crime Authors, the rate that novels are being released has risen to an all-time high. -Especially in the lucrative area of drug crime. With the market having become so flooded, separating the greats from the mediocre, ultimately boils down to quality over quantity. 

    Putting that essential criteria into perspective is what makes author Isadore Johnson not only this year’s best Crime Author in the lane of drug crime, but perhaps also the heaviest of hitters inking in today’s market of Crime Fiction. Maintaining a strong choke hold of multiple #1 ranking positions on GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING in numerous categories such as, 

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speaks for itself. Having spent his entire youth & young adulthood as a well-documented drug dealer in the merciless streets of New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, etc. – penalized by repeated State & Federal bids (accumulated to over 20 years behind the wall), his personal experience, in-depth knowledge of Federal law and high-profile affiliations, qualifies Author Isadore as a Tenured Expert on the subject of Drug Crime. 

    Cutting to the core of the issue, Author Isadore Johnson has successfully released a novel series entitled “DRUG DEALER”. Doing so, he has chosen not to lay out pieces of the drug game from different eras but rather the entire axis of the drug world from every angle and level. Irregardless of how the players and dates may change, that the mechanism forever remains the same….Mirroring the game of Politics & Corporate America. This is what separates this prolific writer from the rest and makes him the best. 

Check out “DRUG DEALER” The Series, and you surely will agree…

“DRUG DEALER”…It’s The Movie You Must Read!!!

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