The CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE is working extremely had to platform itself as the #1 crime bookstore. Originally launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, it has now expanded their Corporate Office to New York. Still a Global online based business, the CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE is burning the book world with the “DRUG DEALER” novel series – which is currently ranked by GOOGLE as the Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet! They seek to promote and distribute many other great titles written by only the best of Crime Fiction AAuthos….Only the best…That is what’s going to make this rising bookstore #1. For more info, 

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A Leader In Independent Publishing


A Leader In Independent Publishing-Ranked #1 Unanimously By GOOGLE,  BING & YAHOO!!!

In today’s savvy digital world of Publishing, CKKE PUBLISHING is hurdling all the criterias of being declared a “true independent” – and is proving to be extremely successful at breaking barriers.
Omnipresent amongst Corporate Industry giants, it currently ranks the cyberworld with its CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE theme, leaving a branded imprint of the entity’s own internal bookstore – (CKKE PUBLISHING’s gritty other half) that’s catering to the thirst-like demand for America’s literary world of crime.
Official home of “DRUG DEALER” The Series, (in which the magnificent algorithm of GOOGLE has ranked as, Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet!), the CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE holds its standard high when selecting the content it carries…guaranteeing you nothing short of that desired read.
So whether it’s superior publishing services you need, or simply just a novelty die-hard read, call on CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE…A Leader In Independent Publishing.

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