Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet!!!

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“DRUG DEALER” Part#1,2,3,4

…Despite being a Federal attorney with remarkable skills at offensive strategy, Tyrell could have never foreseen the depth of what was now taking place across America. After being forced to release irrefutable evidence against high-level politicians and key members of the otherwise cloaked Illuminati, criminals in every ghetto neighborhood responded in an uproar.
The mask of the Criminal Justice System had been unveiled and now regarded as being nothing more than a Governmental facade, designed to enslave and profit off the entire underworld.
Overnight, every prison in the country had become permanently overcrowded beyond humane capacity. The national murder rate rose to a level so catastrophic, that not even a Richter scale could measure.
The message from mainstream America to the underworld was clear: –For anyone considered a criminal, law & order no longer existed. –Instead of being apprehended, arrested and tried in a court of law, DRUG DEALERS were now ordered to be identified, hunted and eliminated.
This was now the new version of America’s law… Explosive…Exposing…Emotional!!!

“DRUG DEALER” It’s The Movie You Must Read!!!

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Meet the highly-sought after Crime Fiction storyteller whose works have swiftly paved his own independent path to success! Through his incredible first-hand knowledge stemming from his documented troubled past of drug selling and incarceration narrated by his unique style of writing, he has cleverly reinvented the way we view the literary world of Drugs & Crime!

Author Isadore Johnson, who is independently-signed by CKKE PUBLISHING | CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE, specializing in the awareness of Federal Drug Conspiracy, has honed in on the direct correlation between drugs and crime, officially branding himself as a ‘Drug Crime’ Author. There are quite a few authors within the industry who currently write stories which depict the underworld lifestyle of drug dealing and the horrid crimes usually associated therein. None, however, past or present, from a marketing aspect, or position of expertise, has ever taken the approach to literally self-brand themselves with such specificity.

As a direct result, Author Isadore Johnson’s dominant presence has been ‘stand alone’ amid the slew of competition amongst his colleagues in the booming genre of Crime Fiction.

Currently, through the release of his bold title, “DRUG DEALER”, he impressively possesses & maintains numerous #1 rankings on GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING. In categories such as:

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Dive into the most Critically-Acclaimed story written about the “Drug Game” during the spark of the crack era (1985), that transcended through the (1990’s), into the new millennium (2000’s), up to present…A Drug Crime Novel Series so real, because it’s unfiltered. Through highly prolific characters, learn the true meaning of Loyalty, the misfortunes of Betrayal, when violating the Code of The Streets had consequences – The Birth of Federal Conspiracy (§846), Kingpin/Continuing Criminal Enterprise (§848), Snitching (§5k1.1). There is no other Drug Crime Series like “DRUG DEALER”, that will expose your mind to business & politics of the drug game while equally entertained with sex, money and murder…

A Timeless Classic!!!

“DRUG DEALER”…It’s The Movie You Must Read!

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