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“DRUG DEALER” – Top Drug Novel!!!

   While Articles Published By The CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE Unanimously Rank #1 on GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING for ‘Best Drug Crime Novel Series On The Planet ‘,  “DRUG DEALER” (The Series), is also globally being hailed as the Top Drug Novel by die-hard readers from all walks of life. Reviews such as, “Never before has there been a drug conspiracy novel filled with a level of unpredictable drama & suspense that captivates from the first page!” …”The plot is so visual and realistic, it should be a t.v. mini-series!”..”The Best Book I Ever Read!”…

    This Drug Crime series has been making a continuous impact on the Crime Fiction/Urban Fiction Market since its debut as a double novel in a unique slipcase. For years, its style, theme and packaging has been mimicked by many authors. Due to the long-lasting staying power on GOOGLE, AMAZON and other book sources, has Drug Dealer become a ‘Standard’ in the current existing way books are rated? The CRIME ANTHOLOGY BOOKSTORE company is so pleased with the progress of the novel series, it has created a headlining platform for this novel on its website which highlights over 20 + categories where it ranks supreme on GOOGLE.

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